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Dr Kevin Lentin - Integrative Chiropractor

Dr Lentin is an Integrative Chiropractor and treats & manages lower back pain, neck pain, nerve entrapments, headaches, 'whip lash', and other sporting injuries. He also specialises in Functional Medicine offering preventative strategies to manage lifestyle, weight, and nutritional advice.

"My best thing ever today was going for an adjustment at the best chiro ever! Kevin lentin. Pain free immediately after walking out."


Bronwyn - BTE member

Location: 41 Constantia Rd, Plumstead Cape Town

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MIAS Wellness & Beauty Bar

MIAS specializes in Wellness & Slimming treatments. They are particularly known for their Sauna Blanket therapy treatment, this helps with detoxification, increased blood circulation, helps with relief of body aches & pains, better sleep & of course the reduction of centimetres with just one treatment. They totally recommend a holistic wellness approach ie well balanced eating & exercise, to further enhance the benefits of the treatments. They are so confident about their wellness & slimming treatments that they would refund 100% of your money, if you have not experienced centimeters loss.

“Like most of you, I was REALLY skeptical when giving this a try to lose a few cm’s…

All I can say is WOW! In my 4 treatments, I have lost almost 30cm across various areas of my body.

The treatments are in no way invasive or painful and I am proof that it really does work!

I had 4 x 1 hour Combo Laser lipo and Sauna blanket treatments. The Laser Lipo treatment targets the fat cells and uses laser energy to burn fat, breaking down the fat cells that is then converted to liquid and naturally drained by the body’s own filtration system. The sauna blanket assists with the breaking down and detoxing process.

It obviously works best when one is eating a healthy balanced diet as well as exercising (for the record my loss was with eating properly but not exercising).

This is not aimed to reduce weight, but rather to lose those nasty extra cm’s allowing you to fit into those old jeans or the dress you last wore many moons ago.” 

Janene – BTE Admin


  1. MIAS Cape Town: 51 Napier Street, De Waterkant, Cape Town.

  2. MIAS Claremont: 223 Imam Haron Rd, Claremont.

  3. MIAS Tableview: 42 Blaauwberg Rd, Tableview.


NB Hearing & Balance

Led by 30-year veteran, Dr Natalie Buttress, the qualified audiologists at their independent private practice use a patient-centered ethos to help people of all ages with hearing loss, sound processing, balance and dizziness. They provide and support all makes of hearing aids. They are experienced in effective tinnitus (ringing), hyperacusis (sensitivity) and misophonia (irritation with certain sounds) management, and other auditory processing issues. Hearing protection, in-ear monitors, swimming and sleeping plugs are also available. Your hearing and balance are important, providing joy, connection, learning and independence. Here, your healthcare is supported with personalized solutions in a patient-first, non-'sales' environment.

"Dr Buttress is very knowledgeable. She doesn't rush the consultation and is very thorough. She is a lovely person and will do anything she can to help you. She goes into detail about your hearing issue".


Karen - BTE member

Branches in:

  • Sea Point

  • Durbanville

  • Wynberg

  • Noordhoek

  • Hout Bay

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