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I specialise in writing bespoke, original wedding speeches and meaningful tributes for special occasions / key-life events. By incorporating your thoughts, ideas and sentiments, I’ll ensure that on the day, you’ll confidently deliver a speech that informs, engages, resonates and entertains. So let’s start writing that kick-ass speech you can’t wait to deliver!

Visit my website: to download all my unmissable free tips for the Bride or Groom’s speech, Parent of the Bride or Groom and Best Man or Maid of Honour speeches.

Bear in mind that the speech you’ll deliver on your big-day is possibly the most important speech you’ll ever have to make, to the most important people in your life – AND YOU ONLY HAVE ONE CHANCE TO GET IT RIGHT!  So let’s make it magical!

“If it wasn’t for this incredible woman’s superb speech writing skills, I could never have been able to pay tribute to my lovely father at his 85th birthday banquet. Toby Shenker turned my fumbling fingers, scattered words and paralyzing fear of public speaking into a slick, succint speech, presentation or podcast. Thank you Toby Shenker, I was able to tell this remarkable man how I truly felt without falling apart!” 


Seon – BTE member

Location: Cape Town

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