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Rejuvenate and repair with our Sally-Ann Creed®️ Collagel.

Sally-Ann developed this unique blend using her famous Pure Hydrolysed Collagen, hydrolysed gelatine, and a potent restorative prebiotic. Collagel contains 4.49g collagen per serving, and thanks to the addition of a prebiotic fibre, it not only supports healthy skin, joints, bone and muscle function but a healthy gut flora too. This formulation was developed by Sally-Ann after identifying the need to provide a budget-friendly collagen option, with similar benefits to her pure collagen, for those clients that could not afford her Pure Hydrolysed Collagen, or required additional gut support.


Benefits may include:
-Smoothes, hydrates and encourages healthy looking skin with elasticity
-Reduces signs of stretch marks, scars and cellulite
-Improves wound healing
-Improves muscle health and strength
-Assists in joint and cartilage health, reduces joint pain, and improves mobility
-Builds strong bones, hair and nails
-Aids in constipation

Collagel (Bovine Collagen with Prebiotic)

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