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The Tree Agency provides professional tree services and cover all aspects of tree and hedge work with rope and harness access. The team specialises in working in the commercial and domestic sectors. Travis personally undertakes the tree work and has built a reliable reputation by working closely with his clients.


  • Tree maintennce

  • Tree felling

  • Hedge trimming

  • Vine maintenance

"Massive shout-out for Travis & team from The Tree Agency. The Best Thing tree felling fella Ever!My poor tree took a huge beating in the latest storm and there were big branches that were just becoming too much of a worry. They were a total pleasure to work with. Went way beyond and even took pics of where my pots were so that they could leave everything in the exact same place. Left my garden way neater than how they found it. And Travis took a minute to commiserate with me when I had to say goodbye to the big branch my kids used to swing from. The tree is looking lovely and will withstand many more storms now".


Magdel - BTE member

Location: Cape Town

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